Don’t Ig”snore” the Problem

Our respiratory systems are designed vertically, so many of us spend our days breathing easy and yet struggle to get enough air all night long. Snoring is nothing more than the noise that comes from the body telling us that airflow has been restricted. We all know that snoring not only wakes the sleeper often.. read more →

By The Numbers(putting the price of sleep in perspective)

***As you read these numbers and try to absorb it all, remember that they are ALL based on current prices. The thought of all the prices going up significantly over the next 2 decades is FRIGHTENING!!!!!*** One $3 latte, 4 days a week, will cost you $12,800 over the next 20 years.   Cable/satellite TV.. read more →

Alarming Statistics

According to statistics, for every automobile accident in the United States that results in serious injury or death, three times as many of those accidents are caused by sleepy drivers, than those related to alcohol consumption. Insufficient sleep is linked to many life threatening diseases and conditions such as Hypertension, Diabetes, Obesity, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, as well.. read more →

Don’t Dread Bed

If you don’t love what you sleep on, you are cheating yourself out of a full vivarent life. No one wants to settle for an average(let alone under average) life, why settle for lousy sleep? Since 30% of a great night’s sleep is mental and not physical you have got to stop dreading bed!!! iDream.. read more →

“Adjust” your thinking…..

We have become so tired in this country, tired of the stress, tired of having no time to breath, tired of not sleeping, tired of being tired, and infinitely tired of going mattress shopping and getting it wrong. Well it is our goal at iDream Mattress to change that and it starts with some education... read more →